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Network . Think . Act

Our strategic theme is based on the core belief of connecting the dots rather than re-inventing the wheel or each working in a separate island! We believe in an abundance of wealth and potentialities that if put into effective frameworks will produce innovative solutions, that bring constructive impacts within the business context and eventually towards Egypt’s welfare.


We are set out with the aim to create more enabled and activated connections across our network, the community where we operate and consequently the greater benefit of our ecosystem.


We work with a diversified portfolio of stakeholders to create resources, benefits and what we strive to make as outstanding outcomes. We choose to work with partners who are key players in the market.

Thematic Areas of Collaboration

  1. Government Reform:


Based on government request and mandate as and when needed; we provide support on strategic reform initiatives through the abundant wealth of our members’ potentialities, expertise and calibers. In addition, we seek every opportunity to work in collaboration, partnership and in empowerment of the government in line with their strategic initiatives and projects.


​Other thematic areas include:

  • International Representation and Diplomacy.

  • International Development Projects.

  • Economic Evolution.

  • Digital Transformation Journeys.

  • Knowledge Innovation.

  • Integrative Health and Wellness.

  • Global Cultures and Agile Thought Leadership.

We are looking to create strong initiatives and campaigns that result in sustainable constructive impacts in social innovation and community resourcefulness. The future ensures that companies, who will be doing more to tackle priority reform and sustainable development areas will hold through as the competitive brands of the future and the ones who successfully see those challenges as opportunities for innovation, rather than risks to be alleviated.


In addition, we offer CSR concept design, consultation and support execution of initiatives from concept to completion. 


We encourage you to connect with us to collaborate on producing innovative CSR initiatives, events, programmes and projects within our thematic areas. 


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Things Happen.

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