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All the projects were supported through voluntary contribution from T20 members and their extended networks bringing the best of expertise to support reform in Egypt.


Ministry of Healthcare

  • Organised the "Invest in Healthcare 2018" Conference to promote investments in the sector following the new Universal Health Insurance Law.

  • Supporting in PPP pilot transaction structuring for "unused or under-utilised assets"

  • Launching "1 Million Free Health Consultations" in cooperation with the MCIT and Telecom Egypt "WE"

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Ministry of Planning, Monitoring & Administrative reform

  • Ministry of Planning is t20's main governmental counterpart, where a group of T20 members volunteered full time for almost one year, with their expertise and brought in the expertise of their networks to support the Ministry and contributed to the development of Egypt vision 2030 and worked on feasibility studies for national projects.


Ministry of Transport

  • A group of T20 members volunteered full time for 8 months through their expertise and the expertise of their networks to conduct feasibility studies and project development presentation at the Egypt Economic Development Conference in Sharm El Sheikh, 2015


Ministry of Communications & Information Technology

  • Supported in recruiting top talent for the Ministry with focus on the Digital Transformation for the country. 

  • Working on multiple topics including Financials Inclusion and Technology Infrastructure 


Suez canal economic zone

  • A group of T20 members volunteered with their expertise and that of their networks to support and refine the development strategy, recruit and evaluate the international consultant for the SC Zone to support the economic studies and investment promotion activities (Road Show, RFP & Evaluation)

  • A T20 member was nominated Vice Chairman for Investment for 1 year to oversee the project management and implementation of McKinsey.


New Administrative Capital

  • Helped source studies of top-tier consulting firms on economic and real estate development that were conducted to support the attraction of FDI with a focus on Cairo, its satellite cities and new government HQs

  • Revisited exciting development plans for the New Administrative Capital with the Chairman of the Board of Directors (at the time) and created realistic time-plans for the achievement of different objectives, especially realising target GDP


Things Happen.

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