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Innovation in Government, October 2015

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Background about the conference and why it was held:

The conference was under the auspices of H.E Ex- Minister of planning and administrative development (Dr. Ashraf El Araby)

Aiming  to establish the link between the Egyptian government and few of the key entities (e.g. PEMANDU in Malaysia or NDRC in China) that could be replicated in Egypt.

3 key areas of focus:

Innovation in strategies: bringing success stories of how other countries fixed their economies (China, South Korea, Germany and Malaysia)

Innovation in recruiting and retaining the best caliber in the executive positions in the government (Europe, US, India, South Korea, Singapore, UAE and other countries)

Innovation in systems with a specific focus on e-government solutions (focus on ehealth, eeducation, epayment and ejustice)

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