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E-commerce Round-table: Mind the Gap, the Art of Moving Smart- Tuesday 24th, September 2019.

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The event focused on identifying recommendations to solve problems that are hindering its development in Egypt.

Objectives included discussing the following assumptions in making e-commerce a booster for the Egyptian economy:

  1. Increasing the number of commercial transactions and favouring consumption.

  2. Developing and distributing niche Egyptian products.

  3. Connecting distant merchants and consumers, particularly in rural areas.

  4. Contributing to business and financial inclusion.

  5. Bringing higher international standards to improve commercial processes and contract enforcement.

  6. Improving government procurement and commercial processes in both quality and efficiency.

  7. Catching up with other regional and international economies in terms of digital readiness.

  8. Widening growth potential for Egyptian start-ups.

  9. Offering sustainable job opportunities for qualified and unqualified labour.

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