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On-going Initiatives and Partnerships!

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T20 Start-up Studio: We connect start-ups to a wealth of experienced mentors and provide them with high profile opportunities to showcase their businesses. T20 Start-up Studio comes under T20 aspired impact in the area of education and economic empowerment.

1M free medical consultations: An initiative conducted in partnership with Telecom Egypt, Al Tibbi, T20 Egypt, and inline with the Health Ministry, and the Communications and Information Technology Ministry strategic priorities for reform. It provides free medical advice via voice calls, text messages, and mobile application, with the purpose of alleviating the burden of medical consultation costs for Egyptians. The campaign takes place across the country, it will focus on residents of Upper Egypt who face a critical lack of access to quality healthcare infrastructure. T20’s participation in the 1M free medical consultations comes under T20 aspired impact in the areas of health and wellbeing, innovation in CSR, knowledge competency and digital solutions.

E-Commerce Summit- RobustaT20's partnership with the E-commerce Summit’s organiser robusta, it's lead by field experts to build solutions transforming businesses through the power of digital, streamlining operations and creating memorable customer experiences.

The Arab International Women's Forum, AUC School of Business: A unique partnership with AIWF, the first and only non-profit organisation set up in London to link Arab business and professional women in the 22 Arab countries with each other and with their counterparts in the international community. 

Egyptian Junior Businessmen Association’sA collaborative relationship between T20 and EJB, and is  Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) is a dynamic organization that works as a forum for business people committed to developing an outstanding culture of excellence, while taking an active part in the overall development of Egypt. 

Start-Up Grind (Egypt Chapter): T20 is collaborating with Start Up Grind in bringing value added content through events and publications. In addition to provision of access and engagement for graduates of T20 Start Up Studio’s Start Ups in relevant Start Up Grind local and international events and competitions.

T20 Mentoring Lab - Techne Summit, Alex Angels: T20 Mentoring Lab is a partnership initiative between T20 and AlexAngels. An initiative that was born from Techne Summit is an international technology entrepreneurship event that acts as a platform including the main global players in the technology industry, namely: the top international industry professionals as technology businesses, entrepreneurs and startups, investors, featuring the top technology speakers in the world, users and media representatives. The event presents opportunities and opens up possibilities for various business collaboration between parties, particularly those that pertain to grow in the Middle East and Africa region. Techne Summit is an annual event that kicked off in October 2015 at the iconic Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

ConsultingPad: T20 Egypt is collaborating with ConsultingPad in the creation of a roster of bright MBA grads from top international business schools., is an advisory marketplace connecting small and medium businesses with the brightest MBA graduate consultants and it has just launched its beta web app. T20 Egypt is providing the connection and support within the capacity of its members’ network to create this roster. Within this collaboration there is also room for our senior executive members to mentor and support up and rising brilliant young consultant as well as get a fresh perspective on the latest management practices and methodologies.

LOGIC CONSULTINGThrough this partnership we bring the hottest topics to support business transformation in Egypt. The topics are powered by Logic Consultants &T20’s Thought Leaders and Visionaries. With LOGIC Consulting being T20’s Content Partner, our collaborative work aims to produce content that provides futuristic business insights and solutions from top experts and business leaders in the region, as a contribution to the overall on-going business and economic reform in Egypt. For 2020, our content theme is Digital Transformation.

Egyptian Private Equity Association: A collaborative framework where the two associations work together to capitalise on resources and networks to serve their relevant communities and ecosystems with the best possible potential

Health 2.0 Egypt: A partnership under T20's thematic area of collaboration "Health 2.0 and Integrative Wellness" aiming to bring the latest dialogues, hot talks and global highlights through access to a series of webinars where you are able to join rock-star national, regional and global speakers!

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