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How can I become a T20 member?

T20 membership is driven through 3 main routes:

  • Members proactively joining in fitting with the criteria.

  • Board and Members' referrals.

  • Board invitation as an honourary member.

The Criteria

  • Must have an Egyptian nationality. 

  • Top 20 International Business Schools (based on QS, FT and Times HE rankings):

    • Graduates of top 20 international business schools .

    • Current students of top 20 international business schools.

  • Global Tier Consulting Firms:


What is the membership application process?

If you are an individual who fit the criteria or have been referred or invited by a T20 member:

We encourage to app.l pro-actively!

Step 1: Fill in the membership registration form here.

Step 2: T20 team and board screens, reviews and approves new membership applications. 

Step 3: Acknowledgement of Application and proceeding to Membership donation. 

Step 4: Making your membership donation.

Step 5: Getting access to all T20 members network benefits. 

  • If you have questions or an enquiry, please send to

  • If you fit the criteria, please fill in this application form.

  • If you are an existing member who would like to refer a member, please send to or directly call/WhatsApp a T20 staff member to follow through.

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