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  • Would you like to nominate your company to be shortlisted for the T20 awards? There are 2 categories: tech and non tech

  • You can also nominate other companies

  • To nominate your company or others, pls fill the following link-  Please -not pls- email us on: 


  • Process

    • Criteria:

      • Any companies founded by Egyptians inside or outside Egypt is eligible for these prizes

      • Companies should have excelled in one aspect over the last 12-18 months

    • Shortlisting: a list of 10-15 tech and 10-15 non tech companies will be shortlisted

    • Voting

      • The 400 T20 members will vote to select the winners by a point based system. There are no committees that do the selection

      • Point based system (every T20 member voting will select his/her top 3 tech and top 3 non tech choices)

        • Position 1: 3 points

        • Position 2: 2 points

        • Position 3: 1 point

      • The organizing committee will count the points collected by each shortlisted company and will announce the winners on the event date

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