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Employment with T20

We seek to work with highly competent calibre. Our organisation believes in the quality of education, but without putting this education into effective use, growing one’s skills, competencies, continued professional and academic development and professional personality, there is not much for us to assess.

We belong to a network of those who have aspired to become the best and worked to make it happen. Therefore, if you think you have the following competencies and professional traits. Please connect with us on the position you see most convenient from our vacancies list.

Skill-based Competencies and professional personality traits:

You are an intra-preneur!

You understand what it is to join a start-up culture, take risks, excavate opportunities and connect the dots to get the best results and opportunities. You are resourceful and creative, a self-starter with inner drive of passion, enthusiasm and motivation.


You own it!

You have pride in what you do, have personal quality standards that commits to achieve at all times in alignment with T20 quality assurance and operational standards.

You are a community enabler!

You engage and communicate in showcasing how we work within the team and outside of it in a way that aligns to our strategic goals and brand image and positioning.

You are a constructive Brand Champion!

You show highest standards of professionalism at all given times. Therefore, by any shape, mean or form, you are not lazy! You do not waste time at work neither claiming unnecessary breaks or unnecessary longer than usual breaks. You do not engage in any gossip centres of any kind. You respect the fact that is paid time and the only reason this is paid, it is because of someone’ belief, passion, efforts and dedication in the immense value we bring as an association in making it happen! 

You are mature about your energy!

This is to say you are a positive energy generator. You create clear purpose, effective presentations and promote constructive energy for the people you want to work with, either this is your direct colleagues or externally outside of your team.

You are a business Savvy!

You know what you are talking about and if you do not, you make a real effort to learn, grow and build knowledge on your own first (Do your homework rather than expect any magic wand to get it done for you!). You have business adeptness that drives your inner curiosity to achieve more, learn more; get in-depth information about gaps, opportunities, potential business development lead generations. Moreover, while you are at it! You are doing it all with class! You display high business acumen levels at all times.

You are a connector!

You see the opportunity in every encounter! You are making extensive efforts to listen intently and create opportunities to understand others better; moreover, you invest efforts in putting this understanding in appreciated practical execution of the needs of T20 and affiliated ecosystem, stakeholders, etc. You ensure building trust and growing respect and more especially with those who have different views.

You are a multi-tasker!

You enjoy your work naturally and is convinced that it is a choice you have made to make a life! Therefore, you find it easy to be responsive at all needed times and surf life with multi-tasking.

You “Walk the talk”!


Ethics and core values without real on the ground execution means nothing and therefore we would want to ensure that those who belong to our team are able to think of the professional benefit for others as well themselves, have a collaborative spirit, an inner guard that drives them to respect themselves and others especially those who are different. You do not eavesdrop nor dip your nose in others’ businesses; you do not blame, point fingers, complain, negatively nag, or bombard anyone with your negative energy! You are straightforward, honest to the highest degree and understands the value and a promise in the power of words that transform into actions! 

You are accountable.

You put the best of work quality in order to meet your commitment bringing in attention to details with a real dedication to the long term vision of the organisation.

You are confident!

Now we know this is a life-long journey, but hey, we believe that personal dedication to learning and development, as well as, openness to new experiences foster miles ahead in personal best and confidence. You are not ashamed of being wrong and believe this is a route to learn it the right way, withstanding you do your best to get it right! You are not afraid of losing and start all anew the next morning with the same stamina and resilience.

You are an influence!

You communicate clearly and effectively, you work at all time to become a PR magician by connecting the right dots so you have lit up networks at all possible times. You relate communications to circumstances and know how to tailor make and phrase your messages without affecting the quality and accuracy of the content.


You are creative and adaptable when using a range of creative approaches to inform, persuade, extend beyond logical argument to influence decisions and actions in a way, which is inclusive and engaging. You follow through with patience until you have consolidated results and never give up!

You make it happen!

You have a can-do, go-getter attitude. At all times, you provide constructive feedback withstanding the value of time and attention of people are giving you. You deliver clear on-the-ball results, whilst challenging yourself and others to deliver and analyse how better results can be achieved. You demonstrate resourcefulness and can do achievement when stretched or faced by obstacles, uncertainty and throughout change.

Whether you are joining our team as a rising star or someone who has already rocked-on in their career, we hope that you shine in our environment and grow to a different dimension of your learning curve that serves your career aspirations. This is an environment for those who have personal pride in what their potential can offer and those who strive to the best they can be.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

We want T20 Association to be an inclusive place to work. We aim to create opportunities for everyone with no differentiation made due to age, sex, disability, ethnicity or race, gender, religion or belief, or sexual identity.

We are committed to making sure there is no un-justified discrimination in our processes for recruitment and selection, performance management and pay, and that promotion and retention is fairly granted across all our operations. Our work is based on building meaningful, enduring and respectful relationships across different cultures. We cannot do this without a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

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