• An exclusive event connecting entrepreneurs with investors.

  • The event will foster the following:

    • T20 road show: 5 emerging startups pitching for 5 min (+ 5 min Q&A) in front of an investors’ committee

    • T20 awards: a total of 6 awards for their excellence and outstanding achievement in 2020-2021

      • Top 3 tech in Egypt

      • Top 3 non tech in Egypt

  • The event will take place on the 15th of September 2021, from 6 till 10 pm and will be hosted at the Marriott Hotel above the swimming pool.



  1. 6:00 pm till 6:30 pm:

    1. Reception, networking and music

  2. 6:30 pm till 7:30 pm:

Startups roadshow will take place where the T20 for startups will allow for networking with alumni interested in setting up new businesses or furthering their own business. There will be a pitching platform for potential startups and they will be selected on set criteria. 6 selected startups will showcase themselves to potential investors and the three best will be awarded T20 startup of the future award.

  • Have a startup in mind you want to nominate?


    3. 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm:

a. Dinner with music and networking

    4. 8:30 pm till 9:00 pm:

a. Announcement of the 6 winners (top 3 tech and top 3 non tech)


    5. 9:00 pm till 10:00 pm:

a. More networking time

  • Expected attendees: an exclusive list of 200 people

- Founders of the top 60 startups in Egypt

- 70 investors

- 60 executives of leading firms in Egypt

  • Roadshow

  • Are you raising funds for your company?

  • Would you like to be one of the 5 companies pitching their businesses to investors?

  • If yes, please apply through the following form


  • Selected startups will be notified before 5 Sep 2021

  • Process

    • You will get 5 min to present your startup to a committee of investors

    • And 5 min for Q&A

  • T20 Awards

    • Would you like to nominate your company to be shortlisted for the T20 awards? There are 2 categories: tech and non tech

    • You can also nominate other companies

    • To nominate your company or others, pls fill the following link

      • xxxxx

    • Process

      • Criteria:

        • Any companies founded by Egyptians inside or outside Egypt is eligible for these prizes

        • Companies should have excelled in one aspect over the last 12-18 months

      • Shortlisting: a list of 10-15 tech and 10-15 non tech companies will be shortlisted

      • Voting

        • The 400 T20 members will vote to select the winners by a point based system. There are no committees that do the selection

        • Point based system (every T20 member voting will select his/her top 3 tech and top 3 non tech choices)

          • Position 1: 3 points

          • Position 2: 2 points

          • Position 3: 1 point

        • The organizing committee will count the points collected by each shortlisted company and will announce the winners on the event date



Five packages will be offered by potential sponsors and briefly they are:

  1. “Brought to you by” 500k EGP:

  1. Exclusivity in industry category

  2. Opening 10 min. speech at the event

  3. 10 VIP invitations

  4.  Logo on invitations and stage backdrop

  5. Mention in T20 PR and social media

  6. Banner of the company

  7. Distribute samples of the products at the event.

  2. Platinum sponsor 100K EGP:

  1. 10 VIP invitations

  2. Logo on stage backdrop and invitations

  3. Mention before the start of the startup show and T20 awards

  4. 15 min. speech on a separate event

  5. Mention in T20 PR and social media

  6. Banner of the company.

  3. Gold sponsor 60K EGP:

  1. 10 VIP invitations

  2. Logo on stage backdrop

  3. Mention in T20 PR and social media

  4. Mention before the start of the startup show and T20 awards.

  4. Silver sponsor 30K EGP:

  1. 4 VIP invitations

  2. Logo on stage backdrop

  3. Mention in T20 PR and social media.

  5. Bronze sponsor 20K EGP:

  1. 8 invitations.

If you would like to be a sponsor, click the link down below,