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Our History


An initiative called for by the President’s office to connect with Egyptian graduates of top business schools to engage them in the economic reform programme planned by the government.


The objective of the initiative was to renew the pool of talent involved in multiple ways in planning for the future of Egypt.


A meeting was held between Egyptian graduates from top tier global universities with representatives from the President’s office and the Egyptian government.


The meeting resulted in the creation of a White Book; a database with contact information for Egyptian graduates from top tier global universities, who have a dedicated and committed passion to work with the government.


The group had the honour of meeting with H.E. President of Egypt, Abdelfattah El Sisi, on May 6th, 2015; after presenting T20, there were discussions on various areas of reform, where T20 members can potentially support to enhance Egypt’s economy. Following that varied meetings took place with the Prime Minister , varied Ministers and high level government officials.
As a community of registered members residing in Egypt, regionally and internationally.
Our members comprise the backbone of the association, thus; forming a diverse level of expertise in varied disciplines, with international standards of competency.

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Our slogan "For Egypt"

من أجل مصر 

states the heart of what makes us sustain-ably keep going. We are driven by bringing back our extended global and international expertise, skills and networks back into our country through supporting and contributing to reform and developmental initiatives in Egypt, as well as initiating our own partnerships; where we work with our partners to bring the best for Egypt and continuously be effective players in the national, regional and international platforms of development in alignment with national and international SDGs.


We believe Egypt's potential is abundant and requires the best minds, thought leaders and visionaries to empower it fulfill.

Vission& Mission


Capitalise on the wealth of our members’ capabilities, expertise and network for the greater benefit of national, regional and international reform initiative through innovative partnership models with the objective of creating sustainable impacts in line with the government's reform strategies and within the context of national and international SDGs.


Strive to create the best possible experiences for our members in order to facilitate optimum contributions for Egypt’s reform with a focus on economic, business, and management aspects.

Guiding Principles

Our principles

T20 is a high profile network of Egyptian C-Class executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, high level government officials and investors in the areas of: Investment - Strategy - Leadership Excellence - Education - Oil and Gas - Entrepreneurship - ICT - BPO - SOEs - Bio-chemistry - Trade - Industry - Mining - Finance.
T20 believes there is a national imperative to participate in improving the economic conditions of Egypt.
T20 embraces the need for change and believes competent leadership is always critical to the success of Egypt's development.
T20 has a unique combination of talent with practical skills and proven track record of expertise and success, intellectual capabilities and influential multi-sector relationships to be a leading voice in the transformation of Egypt.

We aim to create impact through:


  • The commitment to supporting our members by facilitating knowledge sharing, enhanced  experiences of networking and business matchmaking. 

  • The collective significant impact brought through collaboration and partnerships with other key national, regional and international actors to achieve a significant impact on the development of Egypt, with a focus on the economic, business and management sectors, utilising the best of our education and expertise.

  • The continuous growth and development  of our network and affiliated partners, sponsors, funding bodies, supporters and stakeholders on the national, regional and international levels. 

  • The provision of capacity building, consulting and mentoring for strategic national organisations, initiatives.

  • The sustainable creation of a T20 ecosystem to lead on Egypt’s voice of transformation through a catalytic role in contributing to international frameworks (SDGs) and their national cascading.

  • The generation of new age information events with innovative content formulas and critical insights on how best to animate evidence-informed policy ecosystems to support business best practices, policy research, knowledge management and innovation. And to support facilitate/identify opportunities for future collaboration among policy research organisations, funding sources and other relevant actors.


Things Happen.

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